The one and only!

Hello! I'm Artemisia! (They/Them preferred) I go by a few other names (Mainly Lycalopex), and i guess this is my about page so i have to talk about myself instead of my art, something which i dont really do often!

So my first introduction to computers was probably when i was around two years old,
but that's not really interesting at all and i will swiftly move on to around 4 years after that.
I first started messing with computers using batch files to make very rudimentary website-like launcher/helper programs (the sort of "futuristic robot assistant" programs of the time like Bonzi Buddy), sadly i most likely lost all of these, but they weren't really that interesting unless its just for nostalgia's sake (I'm sure Google+ was one of the websites listed in it).
Around this time i discovered how much fun gamemaking was, through powerpoint (I made one of these recently too lol) and some other relatively interactive office tools.
I also started to really enjoy editing images and drawing using MS Paint.
I really need to improve my writing, this is extremely dry.
Anyway, as i was saying, once i got a little bored of making maze games and rudimentary turn based games, i decided to start making websites. I didn't really have access to many resources on the topic so most of my websites were very basic, being made out of mainly just one article with a header and some colours, maybe sometimes an image and, of course, they were made in notepad.
I never really got to make things in Flash (rest in peace), but i really enjoyed things made in flash back then (and to this day)
I downloaded an FL Studio 20 demo around 2018 (but i will elaborate on that in the music article), which is around the time i first got Unity 2017. Ever since i got unity i had a project called Magnet Gun laying around, as a sort of programming playground (development hell nowadays).
I made many small demos, most of which i didnt release. And now that takes us to the present! I made Regicide: The Pink Slayer, a game that im REALLY proud of, despite its many flaws, and plan on releasing a sequel for it soon.
I have been making (and giving up on) a lot of tiny simulations lately, so that might spawn something interesting.
The current project in development is BreadQuest, which is essentially EGG 2.
Needless to say, i love computers, and have so far dedicated my life to making art in them.

So, why is this empty? Because i cant force myself to write things! The rambling comes when the rambling comes!

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